Snowfields (Night)

Map of Snowfields (Night)

At night, beneath the glow of a gorgeous aurora, a biting cold overtakes the land as this snowy region loses what little warmth remains.

Research Level 2
45000 XP
Research Level MAX
120000 XP

Alternative Routes

  • Snow Wall

    This path requires research level 2.

    1. Unlock this area in Snowfields (Day).
    2. It will automatically become available during the night.
  • Icy Cavern

    This path requires research level 2.

    1. Go through the snow wall
    2. Right before the Crabominable hits the tree, hit it with an Illumina Orb
    3. A Froslass will come out. Take a photo of it.
    4. Follow the Froslass through to the Icy Cavern.

Available Pokémon