Snowfields (Day)

Map of Snowfields (Day)

Although the author of the travelogue never reached this desolate tundra, some Pokémon nevertheless call these snowcapped mountains home.

Research Level 2
25000 XP
Research Level 3
70000 XP
Research Level MAX
110000 XP

Alternative Routes

  • Snow Wall

    This path requires at least research level 2.

    1. Look up and to the left right as you start.
    2. Take a photo of the Alolan Sandslash on the hill. It will dig away.
    3. After you make your way around the bend, look up and slightly to the left.
    4. There will be an Alolan Sandslash half way up the cliff. Take a photo. It will dig away.
    5. Watch in front of you. The Sandslash will apear again, and dig through a snow wall.
    6. Follow it through using scan.
  • Icy Cavern

    This path requires at least research level 2.

    1. Unlock this area in Snowfields (Night).
    2. It will automatically become available during the day.

Available Pokémon