Map of Undersea

Descend into an underwater crater to reach this seafloor brimming with light and marine Pokémon.

Research Level 2
35000 XP
Research Level 3
75000 XP
Research Level MAX
90000 XP

Alternative Routes

  • Undersea Cave

    Research Level 2

    There is a Clawitzer slightly left at the begginging of the stage. It will wake up and move towards the cave. Just before it uses it's attack, power it up with an illumina orb.

    Research Level 3

    Scan as you reach the cave near the begginging of the stage.

  • Lugia's Den

    This path is available only during research level 3.

    You must follow these steps each time to unlock follow path.

    1. Follow the Undersea Cave path.
    2. There is a Lanturn. Hit it with an illumina orb. This will cause it to swim down.
    3. Hit it with an illumina orb again while it is being held by the Frillish.
    4. Keep an eye on it. It will swim into a cave on the right. Scan to enter the den.

Available Pokémon