Map of Forest

A mysterious power within this foggy forest seems to have uncoupled the climate from the flow of time.

Research Level 2
40000 XP
Research Level 3
70000 XP
Research Level MAX
80000 XP

Alternative Routes

  • Season Routes

    After leaving the first area there are four different season areas you could warp to. Interacting with Espion is the controll which area you will go to. Unfortunetly Espion is only in research level 3. As far as I know, there is no method to controlling which path you will take durring the other research levels.


    1. Toss a fluffruit near Espion.


    1. Hit Espion with an Illumina orb.


    1. Play the Melody Treveant
    2. Take the side route.
    3. Throw an Illumina orb at Espion once it sits down.


    1. Play the Melody Treveant
    2. Take the side route.
    3. Toss a fluffruit near Espion.
  • Sunny Area

    This path is available only during research level 3.

    The goal is to reunite a Sawsbuck and a Deerling.

    1. Go through any of the season areas.
    2. Look to your right. All Crystablooms will be along the right side of the path.
    3. Hit the first Crystabloom with an Illumina Orb. This will make a Deerling appear.
    4. Almost immidiately after there will be another Crystabloom. Hit this with an Illumina Orb as well.
    5. Next there will be 2 Crystablooms. One that's close, and one that's far. Hit the further away one with a Illumina Orb.
    6. Continue a little further along. There will be a final crysta bloom to hit.
    7. Follow the Sawsbuck and Deerling down the path.

Available Pokémon